How to Use Kohl or Kajal

How to Use Kohl or Kajal

Kohl, who is also called "Kajal" is certainly a very good idea because it is easy to handle and is bulging eyes. If you want a smoky look, there is nothing like using kohl. Another function served by the kohl is also acting as mascara.
Kohl is available on the market at a reasonable price. To choose the right type of kohl to take the help of experts because they are best placed to advise you of this:.

The materials required for use Kohl
* A toothpick or a stick that has been soaked in olive oil, the night before
* A packet of powdered kohl

Kohl painting method:

* If you are looking for Kohl is the right eye, and then hold with a toothpick or a stick with his right hand.
* Put a toothpick or a stick Powder Kohl
* make sure you stick a toothpick or a way so that it is parallel to the eyes.
* Start with the applicable inside the eye, and apply between the eyelids. * Once you've done the right eye, using the same process with the left eye

Kohl advantages:
* It allows different parts of the eye to a standstill.
* Protect your eyes with the sun
* It acts as an antibacterial agent.
Note: Always make sure that Kohl, the powder is fine.


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