Choosing Lip Colors

Choosing Lip Colors

  • You can give yourself a new look with only the application of lipstick. You do not think it is true, and you are sure this is not so easy. But it is a fact that you just have to choose the right kind of lip color to your lips and you can see there is a change in your appearance. 
  • Election of lip color is not a difficult task at all, just some factors to keep in mind. What are your complexion, your lips type (small or large, thin or thick) of your dress, the occasion and age. On all of these factors is the size of lips that matters most to.

Lip Colors for Various Lip Types

  • If you have full lips, then you should choose shades of bronze, purple and brown as lipstick is concerned. These shades of color or colors undoubtedly complement your complexion.
  • It is suggested here that does not appear in stores with bright If you have thin lips, so here his a tip for you too. 
  • Choose light colors or light colors and avoid dark colors carefully. There are different shades of colors, here you should apply your own intelligence. Get a lipstick color of light that suits you. For this purpose, you can try different shades of lipstick clear and check for yourself.

Lip Colors to Suit Skin Complexion

  • If your skin tone belongs to a class of fair skin, where the lip color you choose should be pink shades in pink, black berries and red cherry. You do not have to go all brown. 
  • If you have dark skin, then the lip color, like shades of plum, crimson red, brown, wine color, shades of purple and reddish brown. For a brown skin tone, the colors are perfect lips are brown, deep plum hue, red, soft pink and red berries


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