Best Treatment For Cracked Heels

Cracked Feet Treatment,

Cure Cracked Feet And Dry Skin Foot Pain
1. Exposure of your feet to intense temperature i.e., intense cold or intense heat is unwanted.
2. After rinsing your feet in   warm water   and blotting dry without chafing, you must apply a   urea based ointment.
3. In case of dry skin heels you have to brush   dry skin with a pumice pebble, massage your feet with petroleum jelly and then put on socks before sleeping.
4. It is better for you to pedicure your feet over and over again.
5. The hot- cold water practice   i.e. immersion of your feet first in hot water   and then in cold water after 5 minutes helps blood flow.  You have to continue for 20 minutes.
6. While buying shoes, select the better-quality class.

7. It is essential for you to continue regular application of   a   high- quality moisturizing lotion. As   uneasy shoes cause much trouble, you should take care to relieve heel pain.   Persistently heel pain is caused from fragile or   overworked    Achilles a cable like muscle present at the reverse of your foot, joining your heel and foot to the reverse of your leg.   Daily   stretching of Achilles tendon   cures heel pain, recommended by Natural Beauty Tips.

Beautiful Feet

How to maintain beautiful feet :
The following measures will provide you with beautiful feet.
If your heels are dry and cracked and you have a lot of rough skin around your toes, you can bring your feet back to life. Wash them every day, making a rich lather and massaging it over the soles of the feet. Natural Beauty Tips advises,  If you want to have wonderful feet, you better remove the sneakers and socks out of your feet and slither them into a nice pair of sandals. The following measures make your feet look great.
After immersing your feet in water filled with rose petals for 10 minutes, you have to pat your feet dry.

It is better for you to cut your toenails straight across or use an emery board,   but it is better for you to wait until your toenails are entirely dry.
Pumice stone can eliminate coarse areas.
Some olive oil or moisturizer can rub cuticle area.
You should move back your cuticles softly.
Foot lotion should be rubbed on each foot.
You have to remove any extra cream.

Best Process To Apply Varnish Polish For Your Nail

Tips For Varnish Nail

Process To Apply Nail Varnish :
The following process tells you  how to apply varnish.
You can paint one stroke down the centre of your nail   with a small   amount of polish on your brush. It should hold just sufficient color to complete this. You just have to finish it by rubbing the sides of the   nail.
It is very important for you to apply topcoat only when the polish is dry to the stroke, it will make your pedicure more beautiful and guard your nails.
After cleansing all your dry equipments with Dettol you should stockpile them away until the next manicure or pedicure, as per Natural Beauty Tips.

Best Foot Skin Care Therapy

Regular Cleaning Of Feet

Foot therapy For Foot Skin Care :
Skin care of your feet should be in the same way as the skin care of your face. You can do your own natural foot care products at home. Regular cleaning of feet, washing off all soap and thorough drying particularly   between toes are compulsory. When your feet are tired or uncomfortable, in fact, a foot massage can a difference in how you feel.
Nails should be cut straight across. You cannot shorten them too much and trim them or dig them at corners. It is wrong to smarten, shave or apply over the counter medicines to soften calluses or corns.
It is wise for you to change shocks or stockings daily and not use short or tight ones. You should always wear fresh ones.You should be wear best shoes for your feet, recommended by Natural Beauty Tips.

Tips To Use Shoes For Your Feet

Use Shoes For Foot

How to use shoes for feet :
Natural Beauty Tips advises, Your shoes are destroying your feet. For your feet protection it is important to select best shoes. If your feet hurt, everything hurts. Walking with best Shoes that are safer, more comfortable and your feet are kind of support.
It is important for you to use not artificial, but rawhide or canvas shoes and comfortable   sandals.
Shoes should be changed daily.
Foot powder should be applied.
For serious problems, you can ask for a doctor’s advice. 

Learning to Walk in High Heels

Women in High Heels

Carefully walk in high heels :
Best Shoes for your feet support your entire body as the only contact between you and the ground.We suggest best shoes for healthy feet mimic the foot’s natural shape, Though many of us love high heels, others don't wear them very often. Wearing high heels can make you stand so that your legs looks slimmer. Some are intimidated by high heels, while others have just never had the occasion to wear high heels. Excessive flattening (overprinting) compels some bones   to support extra burden.  The muscles drag harder on these areas, making it more complicated for ligaments and   tendons to hold bones and joints in place. Eventually, this causes swelling or ache on the lowest part of your foot or close to the heel or creation of a bony bump (bunion) at your toe joint. During mid stance, overprinting   does   not allow your ankle and heel to align because of which the foot strains under your body's burden, recommended by Natural Beauty Tips.

Foot Care Treatment

Foot Care Skin

Foot care shoes :
Everyone wants a beautiful and healthy feet.Skin care for the skin you have your feet on the beautiful.The way your feet look give the observer an idea of how you take care of yourself. Everyone wants to have a healthy and beautiful legs. To have beautiful skin you have to take care of the skin with your feet. You have to regularly take care of your feet. They should soak your feet to soften the hard skin of the dead, then you should scrub off dead skin from your feet and moisturize your feet with a nourishing cream to keep soft and smooth. You should exercise your feet and use comfortable shoes that allow your feet to relax and breathe easily. Massage feet with oil every night and the rest remains soft and generous. Protect your feet by wearing shoes whenever you play outside.

Beautiful Way To Treat Your Foot Care
Given below is a soak for your feet and make your skin smooth and beautiful.
* 1 cup lemon juice
* Cinnamon for odour
* 2 tablespoons olive oil
* ¼ cup milk
* Water (the amount is irrelevant)
Mix all ingredients in a bathtub and soak your feet in it for a while. Cinnamon can be replaced with any spice or perfume flower petals. This soak will leave your skin refreshed and herbs. After this wash your feet with a mild soap. Follow this leg care system for a few weeks and your skin with your feet will be smooth and silky, recommended by Natural Beauty Tips.

How Eye Pimple Occurs

 How Eye Pimple Occurs
Pimple on the eyelids is caused when the gland at the eyelid edge gets infected by staphylococcal bacteria. This bacterium is present in the nose which easily gets transferred to eyes when eye are touched with the same hand with which the nose is rubbed. Although a stye on eyelid does not affects the vision but it causes too much irritation as the individual faces difficulty while blinking the eyes. Also eye movements become quite tough.

Eye Pimple Treatment using Rose Water
Usually the bump on the eye is healed on its own within the span of 4-5 days. In order to get relief from redness or pain in the eye, warm compresses could be applied for 5-10 minutes several times in day. For giving the warm compress, take a clean cotton cloth and dip it in lukewarm water. Squeeze all the water and fold the cloth making it size that covers the eye pimple as well as affected eye. Repeat the process for 5-10 minutes. Whenever using this method always use the clean cloth.  Also, close the eyes and put the cotton padding dipped in pure rose water. This gives immediate soothing (check every day natural care). In case, eye pimples reoccurs in short intervals then visit the eye doctor to get the appropriate antibiotic ointment.

General Eye Pimple Precautions
First and foremost, never touch the eye pimple with unwashed hands. When applying the hot compresses always ensure to wash hands thoroughly with the soap and wipe it off with a clean towel. Secondly clean the eye by splashing normal clean water minimum four times in a day. Don’t use any eye makeup when there is pimple on the eyelids else it might increase the probability of further eye infection to take place. 

Cleaning Eye with natural milk
Keep eyes clean to evade the chances of developing stye on eye. Also, ensure to remove the eye makeup meticulously before going to bed. One can use gentle eye makeup remover for cleaning the eyes. It is tender and won’t harm the subtle eyes. Besides, raw milk acts as an excellent natural cleanser for removing the makeup. Take a cotton ball, moist it in raw milk and apply on the eyes as well as entire face. Then take another clean cotton ball and wipe the applied milk. All the makeup and dirt would come off. Finally rinse with regular tap water. 

Eye pimple in spite of being a small dot is quite troublesome. One must take all possible care and precautions to shun away the probability of occurrence of such eye problem. It is the fact that every problem is small first then if left unattended it turns to be relentless later. Hence, it is always wise and prudent to be conscientious earlier than suffering the problems later.

How can you care about your eyes on everyday

Everyday eye care tips

Everyday Eye care provides you with an experienced and comprehensive approach to natural eye care in a comfortable and caring environment. A diet rich in vitamin A brighten the eyes. Papaya, fish, milk, eggs, cilantro etc are rich in it. Frequent washing of eyes with cold water also helps. For treating dark circles, cucumber slices on them is the best remedy. Overnight soaked amla and then washing the eyes next morning with this water is very helpful.
  Soaking cotton in slightly warm milk and covering your eyes with it for about 15 minutes is very beneficial. Massaging the scalp with curd soothes itchy and red eyes.
   For soothing tired eyes, dip two small cotton pads in very cold milk and place on closed eyes for approximately ten minutes and try to relax. For complete relaxation close your eyes and try thinking of pleasant and soothing things a little far away you may also concentrate on something at an arms length. If you repeat it 4-5 times daily, it is very relaxing. Soaked Amla water overnight is excellent for washing your eyes for sparkling eyes.

How to fill in your Eyebrows

Eyebrow design

Filling in your Eyebrows
The trick to fill brows is to come clean, then fill in the blanks.
Choosing a pencil or a powder in correct shade is wanted. Blonde shade should be used by women having fair complexion and tawny or brown by those having olive tones.
You can brush brows downward with dry, mascara - like wand. You have to use a pencil while drawing a line along the upper edge of the brow for defining the arch and can also comb the brows upward and outward.
You can dust eye shadow into the hairs of the brow with a stiff, slanted brush for added fullness. You can use short, gentle strokes with a brush dipped into a tiny amount of powder.
In case of over tweezed brows you can also brush the hairs in the direction of the growth and fill in any visible patches with powder and you must avoid  adding to the top or bottom of the brows.
For setting hairs in their place you have to comb a clear brow gel up through the brows.

Natural Eye Care advise

 Natural Eye Care advise

  • A diet rich in vitamin A sparkles the eyes. Vitamin A Foods are Papaya,fish, milk, eggs, cilantro and etc.
  • Frequent washing of eyes with cold water also helps.
  • For treating dark circles, cucumber slices on them is the best remedy.
  • Massage with unscented castor oil is the best natural anti eye wrinkle remedy, even doctors suggest it.
  • Overnight soaked amla and then washing the eyes next morning with this water is very helpful.
  • Soaking cotton in slightly warm milk and covering your eyes with it for about 15 minutes is very beneficial.This will prevent the eye wrinkle forming under the eye.
  • Massaging the scalp with curd soothes itchy and red eyes.
  • For soothing tired eyes, dip two small cotton pads in very cold milk and place on closed eyes for approximately ten minutes and try to relax.
  • For complete relaxation close your eyes and try thinking of pleasant and soothing things a little far away you may also concentrate on something at an arms length. If you repeat it 4-5 ti
  • Consume food rich in Vitamin A, C and E as these act as antioxidants that helps the healthy flawless skin under the eye.

Causes for Lip Wrinkle Formation

 Causes for Lip Wrinkle Formation
Lip wrinkle formation takes place due to natural causes like aging skin and genetics. Few other causes that are responsible for premature perioral wrinkles occurrence are smoking, sun exposure, threading, waxing and lip dryness. These all reasons can be controlled by bringing few changes in the lifestyle.

Lip wrinkles are also known as Perioral wrinkles. These look like soft creases near the mouth. The wrinkles around the mouth usually are quite deep and plentiful. Hence, these lines around lips make an individual much older than his/her true age as compared to any other facial wrinkles. Aging is the universal reason for wrinkles occurrence. The same goes for lip wrinkle formation too. This process cannot be stopped by any means. Conversely, there are few other causes for premature or early lip wrinkle formation.

Cosmetics Lip Care

Beauty Cosmetics Lip Care

Wearing lipstick on your lips :
Just as manners make a man, lipstick is an important part of cosmetics which is responsible for making a woman significant. The following tips will tell you how to seduce with your sheer and sexy lips.

It is essential for us to understand that lips need more guard than the rest of our facial skin. Due to the presence of   their thin protective layer named stratum come, regular use of a non-medicated stick called Nivea lip care is essential. During summer you can apply summer lip care tips.

It will supple and smoother  your lips. Products containing menthol and camphor can cure serious skin peeling or pain. You should never forget to apply lip cream beneath lipstick for easy removal of lipstick. This will cause small injury.

Natural Herbal Lip Care remedies

Natural Herbal Lip Care remedies

Herbal Lip Care Tips for natural look
  • Application of either cold cream or lip lotion or moisturizer is essential before applying lipstick.
  • Application of beet root is excellent before bed for making your lips natural pink.
  • Application of powdered rose petals makes lips smooth pink.
  • Neutral lip color should be used for thinner lips.
  • Various shades of lip color can be obtained by combining 2 or 3 lipstick colors and using them as a fresh lip color.
  • Original red color should not be used in case of rough, ruddy or irritated face till you get usual skin. Your skin will be   noticed more due to red color.
  • Your lips seem fuller due to paler shades.
  • Soft   brushing of lips with an old brush moistened in menthol based lip balm can cure chapped lips. Excessive massage is   not required on sensitive lips

Obtain Luscious Lips

Rules to get those luscious lips 
  • By following the usual contours of your lips you have to draw   them with a lip pencil. You have to match your lipstick or use one shade darker or lighter. Additional staying power is ensured by filling in the lips by pencils.
  • Rub a brush into the lipstick, then apply it over the liner and carefully fill in the lips.
  • You have to pat some lipstick onto the back of your hand for warming and smoothening the color. By dipping a brush into the lipstick of your hand you can apply it over the liner and cautiously fill in the lips.
  • With a tissue wrapped around your index finger, gently dab at the lip line to blend and soften any hard pencil lines. Reapply lipstick for the last finish.
  • You have to pat at the lip contour with a hankie covered around your index finger to mix   and lessen any hard pencil lines. Lipstick can be reapplied for touch-up.

Lips care for beautiful Smile

 Lips care for beautiful Smile

  1. Cleaning teeth with little salt for at least a week will polish your teeth.Cleaning teeth with a paste of lime and coriander leaves will strengthen your teeth.
  2. Bad breath is prevented by washing your mouth normally with a mixture of radiogram powder and 1-glass of lukewarm water .You have to gargle every morning.
  3. Gargling with a mixture of water and a spoon of honey twice a day will whiten and strengthen your teeth. Brushing with a paste of padam seeds and lime juice will brighten your teeth, as per Natural beauty tips.
  4. Washing your mouth with a mixture of 2 spoons of lime juice, water and half glass of rose water every morning will cure tooth decay or gum swelling.
  5. Rubbing gums with clean fingers before brushing your teeth will remove deadly germs.
  6. Brushing teeth with a paste of dry lime peel powder and salt will whiten your teeth and help in removing stains.
  7. It is compulsory for you to brush your teeth twice daily, change your brush frequently, choose supple bristled toothbrush and consult a dentist regularly.

5 Hair Care Tips and Advice

 Hair Care Tips and Advice

A good hair style adds up a lot to make one’s overall personality attractive. Similarly a bad hairdo takes way the charm. Some days it is impossible to set the hair right. For such days here are 5 hair care tips to manage the fussy and adamant hair.

Hairs at times become very nasty that it is impossible to make a nice hairdo. Overlook the elaborate hair styles, even the routine hair set also sometimes becomes difficult to set. A not-so-good hair setting spoils the entire look as well as brings down the confidence level. Hence, here are few hair tips that could you help manage the tough times with occasionally fussy hairs.

Tip 1: Leave Out the Styling Cream
When hairs become fussy, do not blindly apply any hair styling cream or hair gel. It can further worsen the situation as after applying the gel or cream more oil shall bounce back on the hair. Instead only opt for more routine hair brushing.

Tip 2: Blow Dry Your Hair
Hair experts suggest using blow-dry on tough days. To so the same take large round brush. It has to be done on wet hairs. Lift your hair from the roots and blow dry at the root area. Carry out for the entire head. After finishing the blow dry, start rolling the hair ends inwards or outwards as desired with a small round brush. This would help bring the hair in control and set it well. However, use blow dry on really tough days that means strictly once in while as too much blow drying the hair makes the roots weak and can lead to excessive hair fall.

Tip 3: Tuck Your Hair in Pony
Comb the hair well and tie it all together in a tight ponytail as high as possible. Then pull the tail of the pony towards the sky and start rolling the hair from the hair ends towards the root. Once the entire pony is rolled put a clutch to hold the hair roll. Let it stay as it is. Once you are all set to leave the house, just remove the clutch and comb your hair with brush having large bristles. The hair shall be set with slight curls. This surely would set your hair on its own.

Tip 4: Set the Hair Together with a Clutch
Comb the hair as usual and tie it together in a low ponytail. Then twist the tail of the pony and turn it towards the heads. Then to hold this hair position put a clutch little below the hair ends. The hair ends shall be swinging out of the clutch. This gives a very neat sporty look. Also this hair setting can be finished in a jiffy.

Tip 5: Use a Scarf or Cap
At times in hurry-burry hairs too would become adamant to set in a neat hairdo. To sustain such situation composedly, use a scarf or cap on the head. Occasionally use of such hair accessories defines your style quotient and also manages the fussy hair.

These tips would assist in managing the hair on those tough days. It is effortless, less time consuming and do not cause any tribulations to healthy hair. With little patience anything can be managed, so why not the hairs!

Home Remedies for Head Lice

Home Remedies for Head Lice

Head lice can occur anytime in monsoon after rain droplets/downpour wets the hair and the scalp. It should be treated without delay because it spreads very fast. Home remedies are more effectual in treating head lice as it does not cause any side effects and makes the scalp free of lice completely.

Head Lice infestation is one of the major hair problems that occur in rainy season period. It is also called as pediculosis. It can happen at anytime in the life span.

It is suggested to clean the scalp as soon as possible from the lice. The reason being once it occurs it multiplies at a very rapid speed which becomes uncontrollable. Hence, always make sure to get rid of lice immediately. There are many anti–lice hair shampoos and medicines available in the market to make the head lice free. These all are chemically produced lice removing products that surely leave back some side effects. Moreover, it only kills the lice and sometimes the lymph but never the nits. So when nits are not killed, the scalp can never become free from lice because nit shall hatch into lymph and finally to lice only. Therefore, it is best to use home remedies to clear the scalp from lice, lymph and nits.

Use Vinegar to Keep Lice Away from Scalp
Apply white vinegar on the hair roots gently using fingers. Wait for 20-30 minutes. Later take a head wash with herbal shampoo. This remedy shall kill all three forms of lice and make the scalp clean. It might take 2-3 attempts to divest lice completely from the head. In case too much itching occu

Rub Listerine Mouthwash to Dispose of the Lice
Ahead of to taking hair wash, rub Listerine mouthwash on the hair roots with a gentle hand. Ensure the mouth wash is applied on the entire scalp. Once it is done, allow the applied liquid to do the needful. Then after take the hair wash with shampoo. This too shall assist in making the head free from nits, lymph and lice. It also needs more than 2 attempts to clear the lice totally from the scalp. Listerine mouthwash is absolutely harmless hence it is safe to use for young girls too.

Massage Savlon on Scalp to Throw Out Lice from Hairs
Savlon is the liquid medicine same as detol used for controlling the bleeding on the wounds. It too is chemically produced like anti-lice shampoo but is very effective in killing the lice eggs (nits), lymph and lice. It has to be applied same as Listerine mouthwash on the hair roots covering the whole scalp. Leave it for 20 minutes and later take the hair wash with any good shampoo. This shall remove the lice from the scalp within 3-4 application. It can be used twice in a week. It is safe for everyone to use.

These remedies are not much time consuming. The ingredients used are easily available. The best part is it kills all three forms of lice and make the scalp clean. When suffering with lice infestation, do give it a try!

Curly Hair treatment

Curly Hair treatment

Best treatments of dry frizzy hair :

 For your dry hair care, You are advised to wash your dry hair with a shampoo best suited for dry hair, followed by a hair conditioner. It is reasonable to use an anti- dandruff shampoo for your dry and peeling scalp. You have to be careful with the ends of the hair since they are the driest parts and are prone to splits easily. You should prevent yourself from getting attracted towards styling products in order to tame the frizz.  The insufficient flow of   sebum from the roots being blocked by the peeling scalp results in   development of the frizz. Your hair needs a good oil massage for reducing flakes as well as gentle and careful washing.
 Beautiful hair is an advantage for any woman. Naturally beautiful hair is a blessing for some woman; whereas the unfortunate ones try various products to make their hair attractive. However it is required for each and every woman to take care of hair. By maintaining the following guidelines, you will make others jealous of your gorgeous   tresses.

Treatment For Greasy Hair

Treatment For Greasy Hair

Greasy hair homemade treatment advise
From the description of Natural Beauty Tips, An excess of sebum from sebaceous glands lying next to hair follicle is the reason for oily hair. The extension of sebum along the shaft is caused by the matting of hair as well as resistance of one against the other. It is impossible to suppress the disproportionate activity of the sebaceous glands, so the solution is regular washing of greasy hair with dry shampoo in comparison to normal combination hair, unlike dry hair as this kind of hair is more prone to dirt.

 Greasy hair is caused   as result of anxiety, hormonal activity during puberty and childbirth, thyroid tribulations and eating too much fatty foods and chocolates. Although greasy hair demands frequent washing, it is wise for you not to scrub your hair too hard. Instead of cleaning or lessening the oiliness it will worsen the already overactive sebaceous glands on your scalp. This will lead to injury of the weak follicles.  Don't Apply dry hair treatment like oil washing for greasy hair. It is adviseable use the basic natural hair care tips mentioned in Although models look great when they pile their hair while shampooing your hair in ads, it is not wise for you to do so since it causes tangling leading to further splintering.

Remove Dry Greasy Hair

Combination hair :
 Greasy at the scalp (greasy hair) and dry and delicate at the ends (like dry hair) i.e., combination hair is caused by overzealous washing with the wrong shampoo when the natural state of the hair tends towards greasiness.

How Can You Remove Your Dry Hair

Dry Scalp Hair

How to Remove Dry Hair at home

  From the description of Natural Beauty Tips,  Applying a gentle shampoo for your hair followed by a conditioner is required for dry hair care. Regular trimming is necessary for reducing split ends which may travel up the length of the shaft, making the hair look rough and, fragile. The state of the scalp and hair can be unlike due to greasy scalp and arid hair. This is because of removal of moisture caused by over washing.

Homemade treatment for Dry hair

          Homemade hair treatment like hot oil washing are beneficial for dry scalp and dry hai . The oil momentarily seals the surface of the skin and hair so as to prevent the escape of moisture. This allows time for the usual moisture to bring back itself and make your hair fine shiny and swinging. You can apply this homemade technique for greasy hair too.

How to have Hot Oil Treatment

After the olive oil massage, hair and scalp should be covered with a towel for an hour. Then after the removal of oil by the application of shampoo, water has to be poured slowly.

Natural Homemade Hair Care

Homemade Natural hair care tips

From the discussion of Natural Beauty Tips Often we come across many people who carelessly pull at it with their hair brush, secure it with simple stretchy bands that stick to the hair, wipe their inky hands on it, stick their pens in it, and while shampooing your hair, rub, scrub and pull it and generally whack it around before padding it under the full flare of a hair dryer to dry hair care. They believe that   these will reduce the greasy hair not speed up their baldness (hair loss treatment) and hair loss due to dandruff and gray hair care.

Unfortunately the same people ponder why their hair is not shiny and swinging fine hair like that of the models in the ads in spite of using the same hair shampoo! Natural hair care is necessary to present you look beautiful and being bald will make you feel uncomfortable. Please check the basic herbal hair care tips for natural looking healthy hair.

Facial toning for effective facial cleaning

Facial toning Procedure

Face toning is very important as it removes dirt and left over make up after facial cleansing and also helps in toning facial muscles.
  • Steps to apply facial toning
  • Apply toner just after cleansing.
  • Apply it on forehead, cheeks, crevices around nose and chin.
  • Use a cotton wool pad for this purpose.

Facial toning might be followed with Natural face moisturizing. Also Facial sauna and Natural Facial cleansing are performed prior to Facial toning , recommended by Natural beauty tips

Treating blackheads using homemade remedy

Best way to remove blackheads

Reason behind Black heads

Teens are mostly affected by . Women and girls specially feel upset on appearance of blackheads on face . The main reason behind their occurrence is because of improper skin care , hormonal imbalance or lack op proper nutrition.
Do not Squeeze the Blackheads

Squeezing or picking of blackheads may lead to scars. The area should be kept squeaky clean with natural cleansers. to remove blackheads at home , you can also use soaps or antibacterial cleaners formulated for greasy skins . Here are homemade treatment tips on how to remove blackheads .

How to remove blackheads Safely at Home

Safely remove blackheads in five easy steps
Step 1: Mix quarter cup of water with three drops of iodine and one teaspoon of salt.
Step 1: The mixture should be comfortably cooled before using it on face.
Step 2: Dip a cotton ball in it and apply on blackheads. This will make them loosen a bit so that they can be easily removed using a gauze pad.
Step 3: Oily skin people can apply a toner on T-zone and rinse later. Also use a clay mask to soak excess oil.
Step 4: In case of an emergency like a wedding or interview, you can reduce swelling and redness by getting a cortisone injection from doctor. It immediately calms a pimples on your face.
Step 5: Alternatively, you can apply some cortisone cream, or Vasocon, or Preparation H that you will get in any drug store.

Though it is a temporary blackhead treatment but it is ideal for people who can not stand needles.

Acne soap to get rid of body acne

Body Acne Soap to get rid of acne

Acne can break out anywhere on the body not necessarily on the face. As the facial skin is more subtle than the body skin, the treatment to acne would also differ accordingly. Similarly, the skin of a teenager is more sensitive and tender than an adult so again the cure measures changes. Hence, Just Natural brings special soaps with respect to it purpose. This implies body acne soap reduces the acne on the body skin, facial acne soap is for face, teenager''s acne soap is produced keeping the less mature skin in mind and sensitive skin natural acne soap is for the skin highly prone to allergies and reactions.

It is useful in minimizing the acne to almost zero all over the body. The obstinate acne breakout on back, shoulder, arms, chest and neck can be treated with Body Acne Soap. Usually dead skin cells, dirt, clogged hair follicles are the reasons for acne break out. Repetitive use of body acne soap while taking bath unplugs the hair follicle by removing the dead skin cell. In addition, the soap fights acne by tenderly cleansing the dirt from the body skin and gets rid of the harmful acne bacteria. In this way it comes to nosh-up the acne and blemishes from the body.Facial Acne Soap

 This acne soap variant acts against facial acne by cleaning the pores till the bottom skin layer and keeps the skin well moisturized. It neither clogs the pores nor takes away natural skin oil. Hence, after the wash skin feels fresh without any dryness. This acne soap smells good and its texture is smooth on skin. The organic ingredients in the soap make it anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Usually after washing face with any soap, a slight dryness is felt. This sort of dryness shall never come up after cleaning the face with Facial Acne as it is made from essential oils it keeps the skin well nourished and moisturized.

Teenagers Acne Soap
This soap is made specially for reducing acnes on the skin of the teenager. It is bar that is antibacterial, anti fungal and antiviral. It also balances the skin''s oil production while cleansing dirt and dead skin cells from the skin layers. It is further segmented into two viz. Boys Acne Soap and Girls Acne Soap considering the precise requirements of boys and girls.

Sensitive Skin Natural Acne Soap

The acne soap for sensitive skin is a ph balanced soap that implies it works to reduce acne from the body skin very gently. It is suitable for all skin tones. It works on the body skin without disturbing the skin''s natural moisture level. After using the soap, the skin is clean, smooth and soft. There are no traces of any dryness or roughness. All soaps are free from alcohol, harsh chemicals and bleach. These are made from blend of organically produced essential oils. All ingredients are certified to be helpful in controlling the acne eruption on the body. Treating body acne with soap might be less familiar but looking at features and benefits of Acne Soaps it is worth a try! Acne soap to get rid of acne. Acne Soap can be easier to apply on face, back, shoulders and chest. Effective with acne cream and lotion. You can buy the acne soap here .Acne soap to get rid of body acne

Acne solutions night treatment gel ingredients
No remedies can cure acne in overnight.The night procedure to care the acne will permanently get rid of acnes and pimples step by step.

Home remedies for acne scars red
If you have a pimple in your face that looks red angry then you better not tamper with it. Acne when tampered with causes a lot of problems as it grow further and the secretions in it go deeper into y

Acne soap to get rid of body acne
Acne soap to get rid of acne. Acne Soap can be effective on face, back, shoulders and chest and easy to apply.

Natural remedy for whiteheads and blackheads acne
If acne is left untreated they may cause this problem. Here the rule is if the acne is black, squeeze but if they are small, white raised lumps leave them alone.

Acne breakout treatment at Home
Acne breakout can be treated at home by applying the homemade remedies prepared from oatmeal, apple, parsley and honey. These Home acne treatment mask are apt for removing the acne causing bacter

Toothpaste Apple Mask for Acne Breakout Treatment
Sever Acne breakout can be treated at home using homemade remedy made out of Toothpaste and Apple. Tooth Paste helps to remove oil and dirt and honey provide skin nutrients. Egg yolk tones skin.

Onion Parsley Paste to cure the Nodular Acne
Onion Parsley and honey Paste Mask can used to treat the nodular Acne. Onion and mint will pull of the heat from skin, while honey nourishes the skin. Ingredients: Onion, Mint, honey and fuller earth.