How to make your skin care regimen?

The cleaning of the skin
Basic skin care is part of the clearing of the skin. You can go through a variety of dirty parts. These make the skin rough and hard. In addition, the skin produces sebum, an oily substance. subhuman excessive production can cause pimples and acne.
To resolve this condition, buy a good cleaning. Should be applied every day for at least two or three times. Every time I return home, use this detergent. It helps you to achieve complete relaxation. Enjoy the fresh-faced and strengthened, not this process on a regular basis.
Exfoliation improves the skin texture
Body Scrub improves skin texture eliminates dead skin cells. You can use a scrub to remove all the negative aspects of the skin. But we must not forget that the scrub should be used with gentle care. Do not rub your face with a scrub. Only twice a week to go in this process of exfoliation.

Moisturizing effects
* smooth skin moisturizer to help hydrate. You must use every day to the skin. Your face becomes smooth and soft. It is necessary before sleeping. After each wash, you prefer to use a moisturizer on your skin.


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