Makeup Tips For Acne


To hide your pimples, pimples and blackheads, use a concealer, foundation and finishing powder. It is always preferable to use the companies brand cosmetics. Some cosmetics companies you can trust are Revlon, MAC and Lakme to name a few among many.
Acne Makeup is applied in the following series:
* Concealers
* Foundation
* Oil-free powder

Makeup Tips for Acne

  • If you want to hide a pimple, you can use the help of the concealer and patting motion directly to dark spots or red spots on the skin. You can use the help of correction face with a sponge or cotton ball. Use the help of corrective attention.
  • Use a light foundation from rubbing motion. Apply a base for the areas acne, you can use disposable bases with a sponge or cotton ball.
  • When you apply foundation, you can use oil-free powder. Apply makeup brush powder. It gives a finished look.
  • You can press the application form of acne. Wear light makeup and moisturizer delivers the affected areas. Also, when you apply makeup or moisturizer not only the areas of acne, but you must apply to the face. If you have an acne outbreak, it is better to apply more help of the calibrator.
  • Before going to sleep does not remove makeup. Need to wash your face wash your face at home. Wash your face at least three times a day for acne cleansers. It is acne prone skin needs fresh air to breathe.


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