The main symptoms of acne

• small eruption on the cheeks, nose or forehead. However, in extreme cases, spots could spread to the chest, back and arms.

• Buttons filled with pus, red appears on the surface of the skin.
Common Causes of Acne
• defective due to ingestion of food consumed at frequent intervals or eating foods compatible, such as fish and milk, curd, etc.

• Sometimes, acne also occur bcos have more sexual desire in adolescence

• Deficiency of vitamin A (retinol) can cause acne

• Acne also occurs in women and girls because of menstrual problems like irregular periods or late

• Eating processed foods, fat, oily, too spicy and salty foods also cause acne

• If your stools are not normal in such cases, constipation can also result in the ance.


Two simple steps, all you have to need to improve acne scars is to first gently removes damaged layers of skin and second skin with collagen and moisture building foods so that the skin can regenerate quickly

Acne scar remedy 1:lemons

If the acne scars are dark, you can use lemon juice to rinse. first time, wash and clean the wound with water. DAB teaspoon lemon juice in a soft cotton ball acne scars. let stand 10 minutes, then rinse. bcos caution with lemon juice can make ur skin photosensitive. so be sure to use sunscreen on any area that the treatment with lemon juice before sun exposure.
Acne scar remedy 2:soda
Exfoliate the skin ur soda.often cooking times, the version of sodium bicarbonate used in cosmetic microdermabrasion treatments. can ur self a mini microdermabrasion treatment by mixing a teaspoon of baking soda two tablespoons of filtered water. Then gently rub the mixture of acne scars and 60 seconds and then rinse.
Acne scar remedy 3:olives
your skin peeling after baking powder massage a pea amount of oil oilonto face.acne scare can cause your skin loses its elasticity and smoothness. olive oil moisturizing nutrients to the skin very penerate moisturize the skin and softens the skin

Acne scar remedy 4:fruits
Besides eating fruits offer ur skin with vitamin C, collagen building, you can also spot on your face for gentle acid exfoliation.just a cup of crushed pineapple and fourth seamlessly into your face.leave 10-15 min, then rinse.since pineapple contains ascorbic acid, will produce a glow effect on the face and help reduce acne scars

Acne scar remedy 5:water

skin needs water, especially if you want to promote the kind of repair scarring.your neded skin care acne skin needs water to keep the skin plump, to remove toxins, and to build new cells. Drink at least 80 ounces of filtered water per day to the skin the amount of water it needs to reveal healthier and fresher to give ur skin


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