How To Apply Blush Makeup?

 How To Apply Blush Makeup?

How apply blush on the face to resemble the natural burning of your cheeks and paying attention in. A touch of makeup blush.and you look fresher and prettier. The trick is to choose the right blush color and learning to be relevant to flush properly. But often blush remains the misuse of the majority of cosmetic makeup. When it comes to applying your blush, less is more excellent. Learn simple tips and tricks to get the red right now!

apply blush makeup

• Using the stakes a bit ;, gently brush the blusher brush cheeks toward the hairline. Use a good quality blush brush. For a particularly realistic role seems to be a little blush on the top of the forehead, chin and nose bridge.

• Apply blusher brush cheek color cheek irreverent Apple with a quick up and down vertical strokes moving in the direction of the ear is shaped like a drop top with the top and the thinnest part of the wider part pointing toward the nose .

• Blend your foundation and are interested in the thin line with a soft horizontal motion has a peak vertical strokes, not brushing any color hair.

• There are many different types of blush (sometimes known as red, but you like the word red, as the method you use color to give the impression that you blush, you containing a touch of color) .

• Blush is available in powder, liquid or cream. I prefer to paint in water-based cream for the first application in the morning, and fine particles blush Back to affect the entire day because the cream blush applies easily, is well absorbed into your skin and spent some time, and you can put more blush constantly throughout the day.

• If you start the day by means of powder blush, you can not retouch with the cream of the cake because of the determination and / or spots on the face. Always start by using a little blusher and gradually fade to get the preferred effect. Remember, it is always easier to add more to get the dynamic look.

• Also, if you apply the blusher on the skin that comes from the foundation, the stains of moisture in your skin it GrabMi in different places and it will be like the spots, the chances are that you must create new Allover .

• Make sure your area is lit in good health to makeup. Consider buying a lighted makeup mirror. Prepare your makeup by washing your face, brushing your teeth and put on the funds, concealment, and you can tan use.

• Swipe your brush on the cheek about three times, making strokes back and forth or spinning round.

• Put a smile on your face so your cheeks perk (these are the apples of the cheeks), and you may also see a number of dimples. Place the brush on the cheek and pass with the brush of your cheek (toward the nose), the surface of the face (to the ears). Move the solution with a brush, and before the other side of the face.

• First, choose a color of blush that resembles the natural glow of your cheeks after exercise.
• Consider a lighter color for day and a darker shade for a comedy special evening look.

• Keep your blush in a family of similar color to your lipstick. Consider this second type of blush most excellent for your skin type.

• blush cream works incredibly well for drier skin because it can help keep skin hydrated. Powder blush is better suited for oily skin

• . Third full implementation of the foundation, particulate matter and all eye makeup before applying blush.

• Use a fourth round brush, at the request of your powder blush, as it will create a softer look more professional than the brush that comes with the blush.

• This will probably be the same bag you use to be relevant to your loose powder fifth Place a small amount of blush on the brush, gently tap excess.

• Otherwise, place a small amount of cream on your middle finger.

• . They appear in the mirror and smile.

• . Place of blush on the apples of your cheeks and brush with courage toward the scalp. cream blush beginning at the point of the apple, and stir slowly until the cheekbone toward the hairline.

• Focus your blush on the outside of your face, your hair if you include a fuller face. For the cheeks, Go Red concentrated in the center of your face to accentuate your bone.

• Imagine a little blush to the cheek of a little more natural it seems less dramatic.


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