Milk Bath Recipes

You must have read or heard about the milk bath sessions of the legendary Egyptian queen Cleopatra, best known for its extraordinary beauty. It was said that this legendary queen of Egypt bathed in ass's milk. No, wait! For mortals like us, ordinary milk carton is made! If cleansers, moisturizers and tone, even the magical properties of milk can not be ignored. Milk bath recipes are easy to make. Combine milk and other natural ingredients available to enjoy a refreshing bath of milk and rejuvenate the skin. Test bath milk formula below and enjoy the sunlight that hits your skin.

Recipes milk bath tips:
* Always try to mix the ingredients in ceramic bowls or containers not of metal.

* After mixing, store in a glass jar or airtight. Because these beauty recipes contain no artificial preservatives, which should always be refrigerated and used within 3 days of preparation.

* Take about 1 / 4 cup of the bath preparation in gauze and soak in the bath water, or held under running water in the bathroom, before entering the bathroom. Let the milk bath recipe for mixing with water in the bathtub. Furthermore, water should be warm to hot.

* If you want to use the muslin, you can add the mixture directly into the bath water and then take your bath.
Milk bath recipes are popular bubble bath recipes natural beauty consultants. Natural beta-hydroxy acids found in milk soothes and moisturizes the skin. To maintain a youthful glow to the skin of milk on a regular basis.

Caution: Beware of skin allergies, always consult your skin specialist if you have sensitive skin or if you are allergic to milk bath used in any recipes.

Mint Milk Bath recipe:
4 tablespoons of crushed mint leaves,
1 / 2 cup sea salt,
1 cup cornstarch,
2 cups of milk powder,
Preparation: Remove the mint leaves crushed and mixed with remaining ingredients. Mix well before storing in glass. Mint leaves gives a lovely scent.

Honey Milk Bath
1/ 2 cup milk ,
1 / 2 cup honey,
1 tablespoon glycerine,
1 teaspoon almond extract.
Preparation Mix all ingredients and mix with whisk until soft wire

Satin Milk Scrub
3 cups of powdered milk,
a few drops of orange oil,
a small muslin bag,
4 tablespoons of almond flour,
1 cup of oatmeal.
Preparation: Mix all ingredients and store in a glass jar. During the bath, take a half cup of the mixture, add the muslin bag and soak it in a water bath.


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