Lip Makeup Tips

When you are ready for a party or out with friends, or even for work and want to make an impression on people around you, do not forget lip makeup. A pair of lips so tempting and has an essential role in the decision to look attractive and beautiful. The colors used to mark the lips should be chosen carefully.
Things you need to make the lips 
* Liner Lipstick (s) / s lip color)
* (Gloss lip gloss brush 
* However, makeup, beauty lip your lips, but make sure your lips are well hydrated and natural beauty.

5 steps to get Beautiful Lips
A few simple steps can help you to get those perfect lips you yearned for a long time:
  • The first step is beautiful lips that are soft and flexible. Use a lip balm or lip balm to keep lips soft and hydrated. The House of lip balm easier than you can use is a mixture of one drop of honey, 1 drop of olive oil and 1 drop of almond oil. Massage this mixture gently into the skin of the lips before going to bed at night. * Always remove all traces of makeup on the lips before going to bed at night. * Drink plenty of water. Drink a balanced diet and regular exercise. If your body is in good shape, your lips look healthy. * Avoid smoking and chewing snuff. Also, avoid chewing the leaf beetle. These can stain your lips. * Avoid eating junk food and limit their alcohol consumption to a minimum ..
Makeup Tips for Lips
Its;can get these tempting, luscious lips quickly and easily.
  • Apply a light base (foundation), uniformly, to your lips. Dust on face powder to light. This will ensure that the lip color stay longer. * Get the desired shape of the lips with lip liner or lip liner. Ideally, the color of lip liner should match the shade of her lipstick or lipstick. * The beauty of your lips depending on how the scheme is completed. To break a perfect summary of his elbow on a hard surface and then draw the borders. Edge of the upper lip first. Give your upper lip like a cupid's bow and then to the bottom. * Apply lipstick or lipstick on his lips.
  • Always use a brush to apply lipstick on her lips. Choose a lipstick that matches your dress, hair and complexion and describing the full. Open your mouth and uniformly apply lip color on your lips. You can use liquid lipstick or lip color. To apply a bright rim lip gloss. If you go out at night, you can even use lip gloss. * Use a blotting tissue to remove excess makeup for the lips. Gently press the transfer of tissue in the mouth and remove.
Lip sticks and lip colors usually have three different effects: matte, frosted, glossy. Ideally, those with thick lips should avoid lip gloss and glossy lip sticks or lip colors.

Find the Perfect Lipstick Color
Choosing a suitable lipstick color is the most important part of lip makeup. Take a look at the following table to know which lip color suits you best:
Hair color and skin tone ====== Lipstick Color
Cool skin type with blonde hair ====Go for the bold shades of red and crimson
Blonde with warm skin===== Pinky reds are the best for you. The delicate
Cool skin and dark hair=== Burgundy, blood red and wines are your colors. Pale skin, dark hair and stunning pair of lips on your china doll features will make you look like an angel.
Warm skin with dark hair ===Shades of brick red, ruby and the likes of it looks great on you
Cool skin brunette ===Shades of orange red. Stick to the light and pale shades of orange.
Warm skin and red hair===== Fiery reds and rich browns
Black hair and brown skin ===All shades of burgundy reds and berry reds.


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