Choosing Eyeliners to make up

Choosing Eyeliners

To get a new look and I want to do quickly and easily. Here is a proposal for you, why not use the full range of make-up, give a new look in your eyes. Choosing the right kind of eye makeup not only for the beauty of your eyes, but also adds depth to it. You must choose eyeliner that suits your skin, complexion, face, eye color and age .

Eyeliner Colors

The eye color is concerned, it is worth mentioning here that if the eye color is green or brown, or blue, then go to the color of charcoal, or navy blue eyeliner. that ill suit without doubt the best eyes. But if this is not, or if the eye color is brown or dark brown or black eyeliner, then pick up the save dark brown eyeliner. Even eyeliner, which appear on the market that change shades of plum and black eyes and dark brown. Why dark eyes, you can also go to the colors, royal blue, black, brown and burgundy, as far as color is concerned about the eyeliner

Types of Eyeliners

The most common types of eyeliner, which stores display eye pencils, felt tip eyeliner, eyeliner cake and liquid eyeliner. On all of this is eye pencils that are the best buy because it is easy to use.
If you want to go to liquid eyeliner, so just make sure you use a liner brush point because it gives the best effect. The cake eyeliner are known for their durability, and you must apply the eyeliner with water. Although the eyeliner and cream powder eyeliners are very popular among women today. Apply the eyeliner with an eyeliner brush.

Caution is always Close your eyes while you apply your eyeliner. If you wear contact lenses so always wear your lenses, then apply the coating.


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