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Bloodshot eyes in tips of Eye Care, medically known as the sclera or cunjunctival injection, which occurs when blood vessels outside the eye to dilate or how much that is strange. Mainly state is not in itself a problem, but it is something of an indicator of a greater disorder or following a number of minor irritant. At worst, they can of their own cause some minor cosmetic concern. Treatment depends mainly on the question of the state, but in general, can be performed without the help of a health professional.
The most common causes of scleral injection include:

• The eyes tired.
• Wear or irritation by foreign bodies.
• Infection or inflammation of the conjunctiva (conjunctivitis), cornea, or an additional region.
• Eye laceration and the presence of foreign bodies in the tissues of the eye.

Most commonly, bloodshot eyes are the result of fatigue and eyestrain, which requires no real treatment and identify any major trouble. The rest is always a plus.

Topical antihistamines like VisEn are good for dealing with bloodshot eyes, because they can reduce the inflammation caused by what the State is present.

Avoid at all costs unnecessary rubbing or scratching at the outside of the eye, the irritation will only exacerbate the current situation and the possibility of infection.

Use eye drops or saline solution to soothe your eyes benign, if necessary, and do not come into contact with skin or hands, regardless of clubs.

The eye infection can be potentially very serious, but it is usually the result of conjunctivitis, often called “pink eye”.
Conjunctivitis is highly contagious and painful disease, but is quite ordinary and not very serious.
Unless symptoms are very serious

• Usually conjunctivitis is no justification for the trip by a doctor or pediatrician, and may be prohibited to prevent their spread - not not rub the other eye and touch more, and to avoid contact with others when infected.

• Wash your hands regularly throughout the period of infection to prevent transmission.

• If the conjunctivitis lasts other than a couple of days, or itching in addition to serious than is generally related to the disease, medical assistance may be essential and may require an antibiotic eye drops or other antibiotics.

• Viral conjunctivitis, but which is quite common, because the sound is saturated with drugs, and must be able to run its course.

• A warm compress can be a welcome release of infection in the eye.

• Make sure that when considering the probable cause of red eyes is obvious, and foreign objects and damage.

• Small spots of blood there is no obvious pain or tearing usually are normal, because of fatigue or stress, and will run out one day and disappeared within several.

• If you believe your eyes could be seriously injured, contact your doctor - the wound is white and the eye can not happen without great affliction, but the damage to one of its bodies may be in sight, so permanent damage.

• If barriers can not be found, wash the eye with water or saline to the appropriate salinity eye (eye drops works). If removal is ineffective, please contact your physician.


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