Face Makeup

Face Makeup

All women want to look beautiful. Proverb which says - the beauty is superficial, it is not true. When the number of beauty products and a number of different brands on the market, everything is easy to get that look gorgeous. Women spend on cosmetics, so that their beauty and personality. What a contrast? Bring a group of cosmetic products - is a trick of the face, lips, makeup, eye makeup. Make-up, in a sense, should represent the personality, who has a deep understanding of the need to apply all types of makeup. face makeup to illuminate your face glow is very important, and you should know the tactics to implement them well. facial make-up should be applied in the following order

* Foundation, preceded by the case, under the eyes
* blush concealers

Foundation: Application Technique

You should put a little foundation on your hands. Then point to your face, nose, cheeks, chin and forehead and between eyebrows. Use two fingertips, mix the foundation with a sponge. You should follow a method that works in the face to the outer areas. Look at what the foundation does not accumulate in one place and distributed evenly. In addition, it applies under the eyes and ears buttocks. You can also try to apply it in small quantum of the eyelids. Finally, wipe the surface with a dry cloth and press gently on the face so that the excess of it is absorbed into the tissue.

Blusher: Application technique

After applying the foundation and spread evenly over it, you must now use a blush or blush. These types of cosmetics really much to do makeup in the right way. But how to apply blush? You must use the color of the blush area, which is the part of the face between parallel lines, one to the outside corner of the eye and the second from the bottom of the nose.

Applying Powder: Technique

Puff out the powder after applying blush and transfer back the excess with a tissue.


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