makeup tips for dark skin

makeup tips for dark skin

Women with dark skin should choose colors and shades according to their skin color. The cream foundation no longer the criterion for judging beauty. dark-skinned woman can be beautiful and attractive if they have beautiful skin and take a good makeup tips to enhance their beauty. Today, people prefer brunettes, and most models have dark skin. Top cosmetics companies make products for men and women with dark skin.
Makeup Tips for Dark Skin

Foundation: Application of the Foundation is required to perfect the trick. Before you make up is better to be the perfect base for applying foundation makeup. Use one, concealer foundation, powder and makeup to create the perfect base for makeup. Before taking a foundation and powder do not forget to clean your face. You should regularly moisturize the skin. Before selecting a base, it is best to choose from, depending on the tone of your complexion. Foundation color should be lighter than your skin tone. Otherwise, it might look like the mask. Layers of makeup you can see the dark skin. You can use translucent or slightly tinted to provide a basis. makeup powder absorbs excess oil and shine to give gratis

Eye Makeup: If you have dark skin is better to light the light and shadow powder eye makeup. Shadows in dark brown, copper, plum and burgundy are ideal for dark skin. You can also try dark-colored metal. For subtle lighting, you can apply powder eye shadow translucent. During the day, you can opt for gray or brown eyeliner. To add the thickness of your eyelashes with mascara

Blush Application: Her makeup is not complete without a blush. If you have dark skin, you can choose shades of coral tones, pink and dark orange. You should avoid shades of brown and peach. To do during the day until you can choose the shade of pink and dark pink make-up night, you can choose the plum wine and bronze tones. You can also apply color to add charming look bright gold.

Lip Make-up: If you have dark skin, you should avoid frost finish lipstick. Lipstick Matte finish is best for you. shades of lipstick shades like burgundy, fruit, potatoes and plums are best for dark skin. You can also apply lip color as chocolate, dark cherry, mocha, coffee and pink naked.

Tips for dark skin:
* liquid foundation is best suited to dark skin. Avoid using cream foundation as it can make your skin oily.
* Apply foundation with distilled water, then gently apply foundation on your face. If you can not mix water with the foundation, then after a while streaks of the foundation may occur.
* It is always better to choose light makeup. Try to accentuate the natural color and makes your skin glow.
* Apply a thin line of eyeliner to highlight your eyes. Avoid using eyeliner on the lower eyelid.
* Apply the mascara with the natural color or clear. Avoid using black mascara if you have long eyelashes.


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