Feet Care

Foot Care Tips
• Its true that most of us forget you off your feet. Taking care of our feet is usually the rear compared to the beauty treatment. But we must take care of our feet if we stay active and comfortable for life outside. Taking care of our feet is important, because if they are not damaged by a job as simple as walking can be painful to use. Foot care can be simple and easy. Here are some simple foot care tips that are not only good for your feet, but is also relaxing.
• Beware of your feet regularly to keep calluses under control. Use a pumice stone or an abrasive foot scrub removing dead skin and rough. If the skin is not removed, it becomes hard and thick and can become cracked and infected making walking difficult. Give your feet a foot bath. Place a cup of marbles in the bath water and roll around your feet above them to stimulate nerve endings. Elevator balls with your toes, flex and contract your feet and toes and let out of bullets. This will allow the arches and muscles of the feet to stretch.
• Get a foot massage from time to time. Ask your loved ones to stay away to give you a foot massage. At the same time you have a foot massage, which is very relaxing. Add a few drops of peppermint essential oil of your lotion for a sensational treat your feet.
• Skin soles of your feet there are no oil glands to soften them. Then use a good moisturizer every day. Every night put a generous amount of foot cream before bed and then pulls a pair of socks cotton.
• Every time you buy shoes to get the legs working. Measure your feet standing or sitting. Shape of your feet changes with age because of the daily pressure and pregnancy. Your feet are likely to expand and extend the age. Replace shoes every 6 months so well worn shoes lose their ability to support your feet properly. This can lead to the legs and feet, fatigue and back problems. If your job requires you to be your feet all day, you better change your shoes every 6 months.

Home remedy for treating foot odor
• Foot odor is an odor associated with their feet when it is closed for long. foot odor is the result of many hours of shoes, with or without socks.
• The shoes provide warm, moist conditions for bacteria to grow.
• The feet have more sweat glands than any other body part, and therefore, they sweat a lot, to create optimal conditions for the bacteria foot odor

How to heal dry, cracked feet?
• Cracked feet are a sign of lack of attention to foot care and not just overexposure or lack of hydration. Medical point of view, cracked feet are also known as cracks in the feet.
• Cracks are regularly cuts and wounds particularly affect the level of surface, including skin. Sometimes it can reach deep into the skin and blood to be painful.
• Excessive pressure in the foot pads make the feet want to expand sideways. Since the skin around the sides of your feet dry, crack and cause cracked heels.
• Look cracked heels also indicate a lack of vitamins and minerals.


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