How to apply Eye Makeup?

How to apply Eye Makeup?

Some women are endowed with natural beauty eyes, while others can make their beautiful eyes with the use of eye makeup. We have already mentioned the use of kohl and eyeliner to add a touch of color and her eyes became full. However, knowing the correct methods for eye makeup is very essential. Read on to know about eye makeup and eye makeup tips for the application.

*Always try to experiment with eye makeup accurate color and products that best suits you. Create different looks, try them all - from the simple to the extreme.

* Do not ignore the eyebrows the shape of your eyebrows have much to do with the overall look of your eyes and face. Take professional help to get the right shape of your eyebrows, if you do not want to use pliers on mine. Threading your eyebrows can be a better solution compared to using clips in the shape of your eyebrows.

*To get perfectly groomed eyebrows without too much effort to define the brow with a brow pencil in small Stokes comb through it easily in the direction upwards and outwards with an eyebrow comb to reconcile with the foundation Booster or powder, and give a more complete form. This will enhance the beauty of your eyes. Apply a small clear gel to keep the shape of space

* Then use a liner to highlight the shape of their eyes. This is a great beauty to favor any type of eye shape and size. You can choose liquid eyeliner and eyeliner. Although the application of the liquid layer, do not try and thus look down while applying. However, the most effective and spectacular is the pencil. No stain and a smooth line upper lashes will come. You can also apply to lower lashes for a fuller look. Liners should always be applied after the makeup and eyebrows before applying mascara.

* You can also use false eyelashes, glue the roots of his skin just above his house whip. This will give your eyes a great look.

* Press the tabs on the players to bend the lashes before using mascara.

* The use of mascara also takes a little effort, but constant use can make you an expert in no time. To give flattering fringe to your eyes, start with the upper lashes. First brush them down and then up through the bottom. After that, only use mascara on top of the lower lashes brush very carefully in one hand at a technical side. Do not blink while applying mascara, because it does not give the perfect effect. Now, with a boost comb, gently slide the lashes to remove excess mascara. You can repeat this technique twice to get the perfect eyelashes.

* Eye Shadow, also constitute a large part of the eye makeup, as they also enhance the looks. You can give your eyes a subtle, using lighter colors or dramatic look, choose bolder colors. You can choose between powder, cream, stick and liquid eyeshadow. Mix well with a foam applicator to give a natural look, without wrinkles and blemishes.


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