Give your very own foot care home can be an enjoyable and relaxing. Its important to take the time to pamper yourself! Home pedicure is just as luxurious as the salon pedicure and may be safer, according to the tool room and a bath of invasion processes.

Tools bathtub or a bucket of bath salts or bath tub terry washcloth nail scrubber or pumice stone towel old newspaper or magazine Toe nail tissue-selective or toenail clippers Middle coarse file Clear the bottom colored Top Nail Polish coatnail coatnail Polish (may be the same base coat, optional) Assemble all the tools you are using is more your whole foot care. Put them in a short distance so that they do not walk in heels to find all the material that is!

A. cleaning and storage

• Fill the tub or a bucket of water and mixed with medium-hot bath salts or bath tub.
• Remember to keep a towel, towel, nail scrubber and sponge or pumice stone so close to not follow the water around.
• Soak feet for 10-20 minutes of good, and remember to relax! If you want to be a bucket, you can sit relaxed in a chair and read a book or just sit and close your eyes. This is a good time to bring gel eye mask as well. Pamper yourself!
• When you are ready to relax, wash your feet with a towel, and rub the nails nail scrubber to remove any debris, and uses a loofah or pumice stone to work in heels and balls of your feet. Only move in one way or sponge, pumice stone, and not do too much at once, or your feet are sore!
• Dry your feet with a towel. Set aside the pail, or tub drain.
• If necessary, the toe clip nails straight so as not to ingrown toenails. You can create a more pleasant at the time of presentation.
• Using medium-large nail file, nail file across the same direction, create a flat edge.
• Thus, using nail grit file, easy file at the top of your toenails, especially your big toe. This would allow a better surface for nail polish to join, and you will see fewer chips in your nail polish. It will also make your nails shiny, because there will be many facets or grooves in the nails.

B. Painting your toenails

• Using a primer is the determination importantany very clear nail polish. A base coat keeps the enamel spots and gives the nails that you can easily apply color.
• Before applying the base coat, insert foot flanked by separating the toes, or the wind of a tissue between the fingers so that the Poles not to smudge the skin. There is a trick to remove the nail polish of the skin is mentioned below.
• Basecoat
• Do not shake the bottles of nail polish! This makes the air bubbles, which can be transferred to brush your nails. Roll the bottle if necessary. 4. Place an old newspaper or a magazine under the toes. Sometimes its easier to sit on the floor. Sometimes it can foster a chair and a stool, propping his feet.
• Drag the brush from the nail polish bottle, and wipe out the other side. Use the half with a clear lacquer to its race to the bottom, a large claws first, and then down to half. Use less extra polish toenails, and the second is the second step. If a clear lacquer is not ideal, okay, because it seems! Try to cover the entire nail, but do not use a thick coat. Remember to coat the bottom and the only case to protect your nail polish, and stained.
• Stop here and give a clear polish dries, if you want a natural look and healthy nails. Continue stained fingers!

Nail Color

• Wait 5 minutes application of masses of the importance of nail color.
• Roll bottle of nail polish if the paint is foreign to everyone.
• Using the same method of the masses, bring the brush out of the bottle, and clean one side and brush. Using the first color, to create a low blow in the middle of your big toe and then the pages. Re-dip the brush, and use less enamel extra feet. Repeat the leg more.
• Tip: If you inadvertently receive a colored nail polish on your skin, make a point of clear nail polish on it, and nail polish removers as transparent and colorful. 10. Wait 50-10 minutes, is relevant to the second layer, if desired.

• A finish coat on the nails is not essential, but you can make your nails shiny.
• Be sure to let your colors shine to dry completely before applying the finish coat or nail polish color can be pushed by the brush.


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