Eye Makeup Tips

The eyes are the most vulnerable and most desolate part of our body. And imperative to take care of your eyes, because they lead to things that someone notices your face. rich in vitamin C is a diet and good-looking eyes. You will also need to know how the clothes eyes to create the right face to improve the overall performance of the trick. These simple eyes and make enough tips you can prep your eyes for any occasion.

General eye make up tips:

• Start a new face exfoliated
• You can hide under eye circles low, select a cosmetic product in the eyes hidden by a good brand.
• Make sure it is a lighter shade of the background using
• Put three dots of concealer under each eye area
• Start inside elbow where the skin is darker than the pupil and the outer edge.
• Strike with his ring on the handle until the points disappear and blend into the skin
• Normally, keep away with weightings of oil, because they tend to settle and wrinkles around the eyes, highlighting circles.

Apply eye shadow:

Eye shadows are used to add charm and trick of all time favorite fashion accessory. They may be in the form of dust, hair or partly confused. You must check in order to improve the eye shadow you choose instead to handle them.

• If your eyes are close together, belong to the shadow of the center of the lid out.
• If the eyes are empty, apply shadow across the eyelid for the lower part of the eyebrows, and then the contrast with his finger.
• If fine lines attach your eye shadow to shadow cons outside of the eyelid.
• Apply a small shadow under the eyes along the lower lash line to give your eyes a little seductive.
• If you have two colors that start with the lighter inner corner of eye Dark covers the top and around the bone in front.
• Build on this with a darker color in the crease, from the middle and brush plow the end of the eyebrow.

Apply eyeliner:

• A thin line of eyeliner is the perfect way to give new meaning to their eyes.
• Liquid eyeliner work well with most eyes. Draw a line Crossways upper eyelid just above the lashes from inner corner to the other.
• Remember, liquid liner is reasonable to adjust stroke.
• Dark eye shadow as eyeliner works great. Kohl, however, the pen is definitely the easiest and most common effect, but not stand to continue.

Highlighting the brow bone:

• Dab a little pen on your brow, your middle of the forehead.
• Care sign with a finger.
• To remove the eyes and create a brilliant suite, you can choose from white or pale golden glow, as they are fashionable.


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