Hands And Feet Care

 Hands And Feet Care

 Your face may be noticed first, but hands the maximum exposure. In addition to blazing sun and wind friction they are in direct contact with drying elements like detergents, hot water etc. the result: hands Look years older than the rest of you.

Why hands age so fast?
fragile structure of the hands makes the skin especially vulnerable to aging, but you can slow down the process. The skin on the backs of hands are very few oil glands so it shrivels and cracks easily, especially when exposure around the joints. Protect your skin with gloves, winter and put a moisturizer and a sunscreen throughout the year.

Why is the skin of the hands on the sink?
Bone thinning and decreased fat cells and cause skin sagging. Maintaining strong bones with calcium supplements. Also moderate exercise to pump blood and nutrients is in the hands and feet. The production of collagen and elastin, proteins that make skin supple decreases with age. Oral vitamin C protects these components.

Top irritant hand
If your hands are itching and rashes seem to come out then inexplicably consider guilty following
• Onion and garlic: contain a chemical that can be irritating to the touch. Avoid cooks who are constantly in contact with them are vulnerable.
• Orange peel, contains oils that can inflame the skin, if you're sensitive, someone else will separate from the fruit.
• Crustaceans such as crab and lobster can cause a condition called contact urticaria, causing hives.
• Carbon paper: used in credit card bills and many of the forms of office, contain tiny capsules, which give the skin irritating solutions. constant friction can cause skin rashes

Knees, Heel and Feet

Keep your knees straight rubbing occasionally genius. fresh lime juice or massage with a nourishing cream.
Winter itching, skin cracks heels because of too dry or use an alkaline soap can be treated by washing of the feet at night with warm water and mild soap and apply lanolin rich cream or mixture of glycerine and rose water.
feet must be soaked alternately in hot and cold water. Before applying paint your nails, cut the triangular sponge, and then insert between the fingers and the keel between them, and save the hassle of cleaning the skin on his toes.

Tips for Legs and feet
• Wash your legs with cold water and dry with clean towels.
• If the knees are darker than the rest of the leg ... lemon juice, curd, wheat flour and mix paste and put on and remove after 5 minutes.
• Soak feet in warm water for 5 minutes and rub with stone pumise. Apply cold cream. To get rid of dry skin feet, put soap in Spong and rub your feet and wash.
• Apply baby oil. Apply petroleum jelly on your feet to remove dry skin. If your feet sweat too much mix 10 drops of water or lavendor udecolen in water and soak your feet for 15 minutes. Pat dry and apply powder Zoric.
• Use 10 drops or sandalwood oil in 100ml coconut oil or olive oil and massage the legs or the entire body just before his bath.
• Waxing or shaving too often can result in gooseflesh or ugly goosebumps spoil the shape of the legs. To do this, the massage more often.
• From the ankles and work your way up the thighs with a rotary motion with plenty of soapy water.
• After washing. best results.Mix few drops of lemon juice in Vaseline and apply gently cracked heels.


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