Facial Exercise

facial toning is defined as a procedure that enhances the beauty of tone to the face. The results are greater than before the volume of facial wrinkles and abbreviated, the marks of expression and freedom in the face. There are two forms of facial toning can be achieved in particular through the active exercise or inert exercise.
Active exercise involves one person performing repeated voluntary contractions of specific groups of muscles in the face. Using a mirror of a person is able to see their faces and the target specific muscles of the year. The exercise consists of passive electro-stimulation of skeletal muscles in the face. Using metal electrodes enclosed in a conductive gel, electrodes are placed on specific muscle groups in the face.

When electric waves are sent small groups of muscles in situ inspiration and causes muscle contractions.Fat and skin on the neck below the chin is a common difficulty. May occur after weight loss or simply inherit the gene and occurs as we age. Cosmetic surgery is an answer, but can take weeks for full recovery. Alternative treatments include firming cream for neck, neck movement, and the inspiration of electronic muscle tone of the neck and lift sagging skin. Here are some simple steps you can use to eliminate excess weight and tone the muscles of the upper jaw chin and throat:

• It is true that liposuction removes overweight chin, but it is invasive surgery. There is a risk of ending up with injuries or look uneven or lumps under the chin, because that liposuction is not an exact picture. Before liposuction, you supposed to even consider the cost and the fact that although some of the fat part, without weight loss or maintain proper nutrition and exercise, your body still store fat under the chin, and you end up with a new double chin.
• Losing weight, doing work of aerobic and strengthening the muscles under the chin and jaw, you lose the extra baggage to support your body including your double chin!
• In a seated position or rank, lean your head against the ceiling, keeping your lips closed, of course, but not too tightly closed. Start a chewing movement. Repeat this twenty times to work, make sure you can feel the muscles in motion.

• Sitting. Then tilt your head to look at the ceiling. So far, the lips are supposed to have been set, but closed it is not mandatory. Now bring your lower lip over his upper lip as much as possible. Hold this position for any number of five. Back to regular position. Repeat ten times.
• Sitting or standing, slowly turn your head to the absence, holding constant the chin, until you feel its tensile strength. Hold this position for any number of five. Then move your head slowly clockwise until you feel a stretching sensation, and enter a number five. Repeat three times.
• Facial exercises specially designed for the company, and tighten the skin of the neck and throat can really improve the appearance of your neck. For best results, spend 10-15 minutes each day for a month to complete their movements. After this time, you can reduce facial muscle exercise three or four times a day.


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