Natural Herbal Lip Care remedies

Natural Herbal Lip Care remedies

Herbal Lip Care Tips for natural look
  • Application of either cold cream or lip lotion or moisturizer is essential before applying lipstick.
  • Application of beet root is excellent before bed for making your lips natural pink.
  • Application of powdered rose petals makes lips smooth pink.
  • Neutral lip color should be used for thinner lips.
  • Various shades of lip color can be obtained by combining 2 or 3 lipstick colors and using them as a fresh lip color.
  • Original red color should not be used in case of rough, ruddy or irritated face till you get usual skin. Your skin will be   noticed more due to red color.
  • Your lips seem fuller due to paler shades.
  • Soft   brushing of lips with an old brush moistened in menthol based lip balm can cure chapped lips. Excessive massage is   not required on sensitive lips

Obtain Luscious Lips

Rules to get those luscious lips 
  • By following the usual contours of your lips you have to draw   them with a lip pencil. You have to match your lipstick or use one shade darker or lighter. Additional staying power is ensured by filling in the lips by pencils.
  • Rub a brush into the lipstick, then apply it over the liner and carefully fill in the lips.
  • You have to pat some lipstick onto the back of your hand for warming and smoothening the color. By dipping a brush into the lipstick of your hand you can apply it over the liner and cautiously fill in the lips.
  • With a tissue wrapped around your index finger, gently dab at the lip line to blend and soften any hard pencil lines. Reapply lipstick for the last finish.
  • You have to pat at the lip contour with a hankie covered around your index finger to mix   and lessen any hard pencil lines. Lipstick can be reapplied for touch-up.


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