Beautiful Feet

How to maintain beautiful feet :
The following measures will provide you with beautiful feet.
If your heels are dry and cracked and you have a lot of rough skin around your toes, you can bring your feet back to life. Wash them every day, making a rich lather and massaging it over the soles of the feet. Natural Beauty Tips advises,  If you want to have wonderful feet, you better remove the sneakers and socks out of your feet and slither them into a nice pair of sandals. The following measures make your feet look great.
After immersing your feet in water filled with rose petals for 10 minutes, you have to pat your feet dry.

It is better for you to cut your toenails straight across or use an emery board,   but it is better for you to wait until your toenails are entirely dry.
Pumice stone can eliminate coarse areas.
Some olive oil or moisturizer can rub cuticle area.
You should move back your cuticles softly.
Foot lotion should be rubbed on each foot.
You have to remove any extra cream.

Best Process To Apply Varnish Polish For Your Nail

Tips For Varnish Nail

Process To Apply Nail Varnish :
The following process tells you  how to apply varnish.
You can paint one stroke down the centre of your nail   with a small   amount of polish on your brush. It should hold just sufficient color to complete this. You just have to finish it by rubbing the sides of the   nail.
It is very important for you to apply topcoat only when the polish is dry to the stroke, it will make your pedicure more beautiful and guard your nails.
After cleansing all your dry equipments with Dettol you should stockpile them away until the next manicure or pedicure, as per Natural Beauty Tips.

Best Foot Skin Care Therapy

Regular Cleaning Of Feet

Foot therapy For Foot Skin Care :
Skin care of your feet should be in the same way as the skin care of your face. You can do your own natural foot care products at home. Regular cleaning of feet, washing off all soap and thorough drying particularly   between toes are compulsory. When your feet are tired or uncomfortable, in fact, a foot massage can a difference in how you feel.
Nails should be cut straight across. You cannot shorten them too much and trim them or dig them at corners. It is wrong to smarten, shave or apply over the counter medicines to soften calluses or corns.
It is wise for you to change shocks or stockings daily and not use short or tight ones. You should always wear fresh ones.You should be wear best shoes for your feet, recommended by Natural Beauty Tips.

Tips To Use Shoes For Your Feet

Use Shoes For Foot

How to use shoes for feet :
Natural Beauty Tips advises, Your shoes are destroying your feet. For your feet protection it is important to select best shoes. If your feet hurt, everything hurts. Walking with best Shoes that are safer, more comfortable and your feet are kind of support.
It is important for you to use not artificial, but rawhide or canvas shoes and comfortable   sandals.
Shoes should be changed daily.
Foot powder should be applied.
For serious problems, you can ask for a doctor’s advice. 

Learning to Walk in High Heels

Women in High Heels

Carefully walk in high heels :
Best Shoes for your feet support your entire body as the only contact between you and the ground.We suggest best shoes for healthy feet mimic the foot’s natural shape, Though many of us love high heels, others don't wear them very often. Wearing high heels can make you stand so that your legs looks slimmer. Some are intimidated by high heels, while others have just never had the occasion to wear high heels. Excessive flattening (overprinting) compels some bones   to support extra burden.  The muscles drag harder on these areas, making it more complicated for ligaments and   tendons to hold bones and joints in place. Eventually, this causes swelling or ache on the lowest part of your foot or close to the heel or creation of a bony bump (bunion) at your toe joint. During mid stance, overprinting   does   not allow your ankle and heel to align because of which the foot strains under your body's burden, recommended by Natural Beauty Tips.


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