How Can You Remove Your Dry Hair

Dry Scalp Hair

How to Remove Dry Hair at home

  From the description of Natural Beauty Tips,  Applying a gentle shampoo for your hair followed by a conditioner is required for dry hair care. Regular trimming is necessary for reducing split ends which may travel up the length of the shaft, making the hair look rough and, fragile. The state of the scalp and hair can be unlike due to greasy scalp and arid hair. This is because of removal of moisture caused by over washing.

Homemade treatment for Dry hair

          Homemade hair treatment like hot oil washing are beneficial for dry scalp and dry hai . The oil momentarily seals the surface of the skin and hair so as to prevent the escape of moisture. This allows time for the usual moisture to bring back itself and make your hair fine shiny and swinging. You can apply this homemade technique for greasy hair too.

How to have Hot Oil Treatment

After the olive oil massage, hair and scalp should be covered with a towel for an hour. Then after the removal of oil by the application of shampoo, water has to be poured slowly.


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