How can I prevent pimples and glow my face?

How can I prevent pimples and glow my face?    


  • Apply lemon or orange peel, pounded to paste with water on pimple affected areas regularly.

  • Grated cucumber applied over the face for fifteen minutes and then washed with water can help prevent pimples, blackheads and dryness of the face.

  • Mix a teaspoon of honey with half teaspoon each of camphor lotion and tomato juice. Apply this mixture on the pimples and wash after fifteen minutes with lukewarm water followed by cold water. This also helps lighten spots or marks left by pimples.

  • Apply a mixture of turmeric and neem on the face .

  • A mixture of crushed mint leaves and oats will reduce pimples. Leave this for 20 minutes and wash it with warm water.

  • Mix thick curd, turmeric and two drops of oil. Apply on the face.

  • Crush garlic and take the juice and apply it on the face daily to reduce pimples

  • Make a paste with sandal wood and turmeric and apply it on the face.

  • You can use "Ratan's ayurvedic pimples touch " Rub Jaiphal in milk and apply on pimples and pigmentation marks. This gives glowing skin.


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