8 Best At Home Waxing Tips You Need To Know

Perfect Waxing Tips at Home
However, there are peculiarities of waxing (especially if doing the procedure at home) you need to know to cut some costs for professional waxing. Here are some tips on at-home waxing.
  1. Gather your materials: wax strips, baby powder, body scrub, body lotion, and tooth numbing cream.
  2. Exfoliation and moisturizing are very important if you want to prevent ingrown hair. Take regular body exfoliator and gently exfoliate skin before and after waxing. Apply light lotion after that. Do not pick at ingrown hair as you may get the infection.
  3. Minimize the ouch factor even more by applying a tooth numbing cream to the area you’re waxing. We’re not promising pain-free, but this pro tip does make a difference! Sensitive skin? Make sure you’re not waxing while you have your period, when you’re more sensitive to pain.
  4. If your hair is too short you won’t be able to remove it as wax won’t catch it. If hair is too long, waxing will be painful. So ideal length lies between 1/4 inch and 3/4 inch.In first case you’ll have to wait till your hair grows longer. In the second case you can try trim hair with scissors.
  5. Do not wax the same spot or area more than two times, if you have sensitive skin one time is more than enough. If you wax more than two times in a row you can damage skin, besides it is very painful. If you spotted few stray hair after waxing just tweeze them.
  6. The wax will adhere better if you’ll apply a bit of baby powder to the spot you are going to wax as it will absorb the excess moisture as it destroys the wax’s properties.
  7. Apply some baby or some other mild oil to the waxed parts to nourish and sooth the skin.
  8. Wash off any wax residue in cool water (not hot: it’ll hurt!), and moisturize! We sometimes like to use a little baby oil instead of lotion, for an extra sexy sheen.
At-home waxing is great for cutting costs for professional waxing at salon. Follow our tips to avoid burns and other problems and you will have a smooth beautiful skin without much trouble.


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