Turmeric uses in beauty product

Turmeric uses in beauty product

Turmeric has warm, bitter tasted and used as a food flavoring and colorant product.Its main spice in curry. turmeric has a long tradition in Asian medicine to treat problems of health.uses of turmeric in Ayurveda applications as medicinal therapeutic,cosmetic, anemia ,cancer,diabetes,digestion and many more.now we are going to see the turmeric uses in beauty tips

Face pack
turmeric powder,sandalwood power and water mix it make a fine paste and apply on face and after 10 minutes wash off.its cure acne problems and black marks and pimples marks problem will cured.

Cures Cracked heel problem
turmeric powder and coconut oil and make paste.Apply on your Cracked heel before bath.doing it thrice a week. get good result.

Improve skin elasticity
Turmeric helps to skin fresh and young glow.It is anti oxidants and its help to  new cell growth and keep the skin Elasticity.



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